Shorebird Hotspots in
Greater Boston

(This is a selection of sites covered for TASL Shorebird Censuses. Clubs such as the Brookline Bird Club and organizations such as Friends of Belle Isle Marsh or MDC sponsor field trips to many of these sites.)

Map of Shorebird Hotpots
Lynn Beach
Point of Pines
107/Pines River
Rumney Marsh Roost
Belle Isle Marsh Reservation
Wood, Snake & Governors Islands
Squantum Cove
Squantum "Airport"

    Follow Route 1A to Lynnway to the rotary at the north end of Nahant Causeway. Park near the MDC headquarters building and walk the beach to the northeast.

    Best tides: mid-tide rising or falling.

    Best time of year: Late July to mid-September. Don't miss the first week of September!

    (Waterproof footwear recommended.)

    Follow Revere Beach Boulevard to the NE end, staying right to avoid going over the bridge to Lynn. Turn right on Rice Avenue, and again right on Wadsworth Avenue. Park near the end of the street and walk out through the fence toward the mudflat.

    Best tides: two hours before and after low tide.

    Best times of year: Late April to early June; mid-July to mid-November.

    (Waterproof footwear recommended.)

    Follow Route 107 NE from Route 60 rotary in Revere. Park just after the second bridge and walk right to the edge of the creek. Be stealthy or you'll flush everything!

    Best tide: High.

    Best time of year: Mid-September to late October.

    From Bell Circle, Revere, go NW on American Legion Highway. Go right on Revere Street (Route 60); where the road swings right, go straight on Temple Street. At the end turn right and park after one block, next to the high wooden fence. Walk into the marsh to your left. At first the footing is firm on fill material; suddenly you sink into very wet marsh. Caution and rubber boots are a must! Walk slowly to the salt pan about 200 yards away, just to the left of a conspicuous hunting blind in the middle of the marsh. If at all possible, walk completely around the pan and tally the shorebirds and waders.

    Best tide: High.

    Best time of year: August.

    (Waterproof footwear recommended.)

    On Bennington Street, East Boston, the entrance to Belle Isle Park is about 200 yards N of Suffolk Downs T Stop. Once in the Park, walk to the east keeping the hill to your left and the big stand of Phragmites to your right. When you reach Marshhenge (two large concrete blocks on a rise overlooking the marsh), walk out on the Sireen Reinstein Memorial Boarwalk Trail and scan the salt-pans: The closer one is to your NE and the farther one is to your SW, in the middle of the Berm Area.

    (Waterproof footwear recommended.)

    To reach Rosie's Pond, return to Bennington Street and go SW toward Boston. Take the first left on Leverett Ave, then follow that around to the right to Lawn Avenue and eventually Palermo Street. Park on the left and scan the salt pan between you and the MBTA trains. Then walk into the marsh right to the edge of the pond.

    (Waterproof footwear recommended.)

    To reach The Key (or The Donut), return to Bennington Street, proceed NE to Revere, go right at Winthrop Avenue (Torretta's Bakery on the corner), and go right at Summer Street (STOP sign). Go to the end and park. Walk past the metal gate to the bermed and diked area surrounding excellent hidden shorebird pools.

    Best tide: High.

    Best times of year: Third week of May; August and September.

    These sites are best accessed either by boat or special arrangements with MassPort.
    From Quincy Shore Drive take East Squantum Street NE. Go left at Victory Road and park immediately on the right. The Cove is between Victory Road and E Squantum Street. There are good shorebird pools both N and S of Victory Road.

    Best Tides: Low for the mudflat; high for the salt marsh pools up near the roads.

    Best times of year: May; July through October.

    This is now an MDC park reached by following Victory Road to the end. From the SW corner of the parking lot walk to the high berm visible through the weeds and scan the area on both sides of the berm.

    Best Tide: High.

    Best time of year: August and September.


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